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6 Advantages of forged wheels

1. Energy saving, the kinetic energy generated by the engine under the same fuel consumption, the fuel cost saved is enough to offset the hub cost;

2. Increase the engine life, each increase a unit of load, the engine will be more strenuous, especially fuel consumption, engine load reduction, natural reduction of failure, prolong the life;

3. High precision, better balance during operation, eliminate common turbulence and steering wheel jitter phenomenon, strong stability;

4. Light operation, due to light weight, good roundness, can control the steering wheel at will, when turning, flexible and light, brake is easier;

5. Good heat dissipation performance, after a long time at high speed, can also make the tires maintain the appropriate temperature, so that the brake drum and tires are not easy to aging, reduce the puncture;

6. Strong and durable, forged alloy wheel has better impact resistance, tension resistance and other strengths, so it is especially important in the national defense industry and aviation industry.

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