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Open Die Forging

Open die forging is an important technique for many types of manufacturing.

It allows rough and finishing shaping of metal, most commonly steel and steel alloys. It requires a die that is open on the sides, allowing the workpiece to move freely, in a lateral direction, when struck. This type of design also allows for forging of very large workpieces, in some cases, weighing many tons and having great length and width. By Open die forging, our products range in weight from 5KG to 60 Tons with a maximum length of 12M. Our common materials carbon steel, alloy steel and stainless steel.

Through open die forging, our products we forged mainly include: forging shafts, steel wheels, ring forgings, hollow forgings, forged discs, various valve body and large forged flanges.

1. Open die forging is camies out between two flat dies or simple shapes.

2. This process is used mostly for large objects and smaller quantities.

3. It is also used to preform the work piece for Closed die forging.

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