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Cold extrusion technology in China's development process, as well as the future development trend

First, the development of cold pressing technology in China

Our country's Cold extrusion technology is comparable to Japan's start time. In the 1970s, in the mass production products such as bicycle and automobile electrical appliances, Cold extrusion technology was popularized, and the extrusion forming of start gear was successfully developed and put into mass production. However, due to the failure to fundamentally solve the process, equipment, materials, molds, lubrication, automation devices and blank material original size, original state, post-processing and other series of technical problems, so it has not been widely popularized.

In the 1980s, with the rapid development of household appliances and automobile and motorcycle industry, the introduction, digestion and absorption of cold extrusion process equipment and production technology, researchers through production practice to overcome a lot of problems in cold extrusion technology at the same time, cold forging equipment has also developed greatly. At present, we have been able to produce watchcase, bicycle flywheel, middle shaft, precision forged gear, constant speed universal joint for automobile, spark plug and piston pin for internal combustion engine, automobile tappet, camera parts, automobile starter directional sleeve, starting gear and so on by cold extrusion process, and it has reached the same level as foreign countries.

Second, the development trend of cold pressing technology

1. Professional and large-scale organization of production

Undoubtedly, this will be the development direction and trend of cold extrusion technology production. In France, professional forgings produced by extrusion forming process increased the labor productivity of the whole staff from 1991 to 1994, that is, the output and output value of each extrusion piece were higher than that of the general production of die forging or free forging manufacturers. In 1994, for example, the per capita output of extrusion parts of professional manufacturers was 51024KG, with an output value of 775688 francs. In the same period, the per capita output of the general die forging manufacturers was only 39344KG, with an output value of 592384 francs, which was only equivalent to 77.1% and 76.37% of that of extrusion manufacturers. Compared with free forging plant, it is even lower.

2. Squeeze jets will become a trend

With the development of the fine production of small and medium forgings and the popularization and application of cold extrusion and warm extrusion process, multi-task cold extrusion press, finishing press and special aircraft designed and manufactured for certain forgings will be greatly developed.

3. Achieved unprecedented development in the market competition

With the increasing consumption of non-renewable resources, the energy crisis on the earth is becoming more and more serious, and people are paying more and more attention to the quality of the living environment, coupled with the increasingly severe market competition, which promotes the forging production to the direction of efficient, high quality, precision, energy saving and material saving. Therefore, the output of refined forgings produced by extrusion forming and other technological means will be rapidly developed in the market.

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