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Welcome to our factory!

Shanxi KSN Precision Forging Technology Development Co., Ltd is founded in 2005, located in Taiyuan City, Shanxi Province. It is a professional forging product supplier, the forging branch of Taiyuan SIMIS industry.

KSN is focused on the manufacturing different types of forgings, including Open die forging, Closed die forging and Cold extrusion. We have already developed a whole supply chain, from mold design and machining, raw material stock, forging process, rough machining, heat treatment, finished machining, NDT test, dimensions inspection, surface treatment, packing and shipment.

KSN service six major markets including Aerospace, Oilfield industry, Wind power, Mechanical power Transmission, Auto Parts and Railways, leading the way in forging innovation.

More than 15 years engaging in the forging industry, we have collected a lot of practical forging experiences and technical supports, nearly 80% of the products are exported around the world.

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