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Advantages of open die forging

1. Open die forging can improve the structure and properties of the metal, improve the quality and mechanical properties of the casting, and its strength is 50%-70% higher than that of the casting. Therefore, it can bear a large impact load. The forging can reduce the weight of the parts itself on the premise of ensuring the design strength. It is of great significance for aerospace and transportation.

2. Forging can save raw materials. The parts with similar shape to the workpiece can be obtained by free die forging.

3, Open die forging is suitable for small batch production of single piece, with a larger variety of elasticity.

4. Because there is no transverse flow of metal layer, the streamline distribution of straight bending shaft parts and ring parts is generally more uniform than that of casting and forging parts. Especially suitable for simple shape, small section change, axial straight line, crankshaft, disc, circle and other parts.

5. Some special twisting requirements can be met through open die forging process. For example, the reverse drawing forging process can improve the quality of raw materials.

So the above are some of the characteristics and advantages of open die forging, you can understand, what questions and needs, you can consult us at any time!

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