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  • Lap joint flanges
  • Lap joint flanges
  • Lap joint flanges
  • Lap joint flanges
  • Lap joint flanges
Lap joint flangesLap joint flangesLap joint flangesLap joint flangesLap joint flanges

Lap joint flanges

  • Category: Flanges
  • Material: stainless steel, carbon steel, alloy steel, titanium, copper, aluminum
  • Diameter size: B16.5, 1/2”-30”, 150#-2500#
  • Weight: from 1KG to 8000KG
Product Description:

Lap joint flanges are nearly identical to a slip-on flange, but having a radius at the intersection of the bore and the flange face to accommodate a lap stub end. These flanges slip over the pipe and are not otherwise welded or fastened to it. Bolting pressure is transmitted to the gasket by the pressure of the flange against the back of the pipe lap (stub-end). The face on the stub-end forms the gasket face of the flange. Lap-Joint flanges do not have raised faces and a single connection requires both lap-joint flange and a pipe stub-end. They are best used where sections of piping systems need to be dismantled quickly and easily for inspection or replacement.

KSN can supply forged lap joint flanges by all kinds of materials according to customer’s drawings and technical requirements.

The heat treatment and surface treatment for forged flanges will be performed according to customer’s requirements.

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