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  • Cold extrusion parts
  • Cold extrusion parts
  • Cold extrusion parts
  • Cold extrusion parts
Cold extrusion partsCold extrusion partsCold extrusion partsCold extrusion parts

Cold extrusion parts

  • Category: Cold extrusion
  • Material: stainless steel, carbon steel, alloy steel, aluminum, copper, magnesium
  • Diameter size: from 10mm to 300mm
  • Weight: from 0.1KG to 15KG
Product Description:

In the metal manufacturing industry, there are many forming processes that are used. But cold forging, also called Cold extrusion, is among the most popular methods. Cold extrusion is one of the manufacturing process that take fewer steps to produce a product. Cold extrusion is a process in which a coil of raw material is cut accurately and pressed or pulled through or into a shaping tool with high speed and precision. In this way a net shape or near net shape process generates quality finished surfaces, with less final CNC manufacturing requirements. As the name suggests, cold extrusion is performed at room temperature. So you do not need to invest in the expensive medium-frequency induction heating to heat the blanks. With that, it means that you will be spending less energy on the entire manufacturing process with this method. Raw material is saved and the scrap of material is less. Mechanical properties of the raw material can be improved. This is one of the biggest reasons cold forging is growing popular. But since the production of the necessary tooling for extrusion processes is very complex, economical production is only possible for annual quantities greater parts.

The cold extrusion products are widely used for auto parts, truck parts, train parts, aviation industry components, gear parts, spline parts, other machinery components, etc.

The cold extrusion production of KSN is based on international and Chinese advanced cold forging production equipment. A precision parts production line, with more than 50 150 ton – 4000 ton mechanical metal forming machines, hydraulic metal forming machines, high speed multi station special parts forming machines, more than 20 sets of heat treatment and inspection equipment, excellent production capacity are available.

KSN has established a perfect ISO/TS16949 quality assurance system, the quality is ensured by a strict monitoring system.



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